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Our Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions guide our contract with you. They provide rules and regulations that are followed during service provision. Please go through these terms and conditions properly if you are seeking statistics homework help from us.

Terms and Conditions

Statistics Homework Help uses terms and conditions to describe and explain our engagement with you. We are an online platform helping students looking for statistics homework help services get high-quality and affordable services. We have the objective of ensuring that every student has access to the best statistics homework help. We use these terms and conditions to guide our interaction with our clients to make this a success. Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions properly and understand them. Should you need any clarification or more information regarding the terms and conditions, contact us at any time.

Key service related terms

ContentContent means any images, text, software, audio, video, graphics, or any other materials found on this website
TutorA tutor means the expert offering statistics homework help to a student.
StudentA student is the client seeking homework help service from our experts.
UserThis is the person visiting our website. Users may include students and tutors.
ContractThis is an agreement between us (the service provider) and you (the client) to offer a specific service.

The terms and conditions in this platform will apply to every user on this website. Continuing to use the services provided on this website means that you have read and understood the terms and conditions provided on this website. We leave room for clarification if you feel that any section of these terms and conditions is unclear.

Eligibility, Account Registration, and Termination

  • When creating an account with statisticshomeworkhelp.com, we expect you to provide accurate information. Providing wrong information will be considered a breach of contract and can lead to account termination.
  • Our service is eligible for students above the age of 16. Anyone below that age must review our terms and conditions with their parent or guardian. The guardian will be responsible for the service delivery from our team.
  • A user is only allowed to have one account at a time. You will not be allowed to have more than one account. If we notice that you have more than one account for our service, we will term that as a breach of contract, and we will terminate our service with you.
  • You are not allowed to share an account with someone else. You are expected to store your passwords with confidentiality. If you notice that an unauthorized user uses your account to access our service, you must notify our team immediately.
  • Transfer of your account with us is not allowed. If the service you requested is concluded, you are expected to keep the account inactive or terminate it.
  • Our engagement with you should be in good faith.


Statistics homework help is the only owner of all the information the intellectual property found here. The intellectual property includes videos, images, software, images, or any other information found here. As a visitor to this website, you cannot copy, share, distribute, sell, post, lease or publish any information on this website without written permission from the management. Using of spreading the information found on this website without permission from management will be counted as a breach of contract, and therefore, the necessary action will be taken.


  1. All the services related to statistics homework help will be provided through this website only.
  2. Note that we will only offer our services after you make full payment of the same.
  3. The amount to be charged for a service will be determined after going through the task and depending on the urgency and quantity of work.
  4. All payments will be made through our official payment platforms.
  5. In case of a payment dispute, dispute resolutions will apply first.

Confidentiality of information

We treat all the information we collect from you as confidential information. We will not share any information collected from you with third parties. The information you collect will only be used for internal use, such as notifying you about new products. Should you have information that you would like posted on our website, you will be expected to send it for review first. If it is accepted, you must agree to transfer the ownership rights to us. Note that we do not pay people who want to publish their articles through us. Note that information such as reviews will be published on the website and available for public view.

Termination of contract

Both you (the client) and we (the service provider) can terminate our contractual agreement. The contract can be terminated if;

  1. We notice that you are using our website for illegal purposes other than the agreed purpose.
  2. If we notice that you have used someone else's money to pay for our service without their consent.
  3. You can also terminate the service if you no longer need it. Note that if you terminate a service when it is in the process of completion, we will not refund the agreed sum.

Limitation of liability

We do not guarantee the sustainability, timeliness, and accuracy of our website's information. We provide the best information according to our knowledge, and that will guide us in service delivery. However, the information may contain errors. Therefore, note that we will not be held accountable for misinformation of the data you collect here. We also expect you, as an esteemed client, to keep us free from any claim.

Changing of terms and conditions in this platform

The terms and conditions in this website can be changed, removed or more information added without sending a notification to you. Therefore, you are advised to keep on visiting this website frequently to ensure that you are familiar with any changes that may have taken place. If in any way you do not agree with the changes in this platform, or the existing terms, you are advised not to seek a service here because the terms and conditions will apply in all services.

Disruption or suspension of our service

Statistics homework help does not guarantee uninterrupted service of the availability of this website. We, however, work hard to ensure that our website is up and running at all times unless it is something beyond our control. Interruptions may come during;

  • Scheduled maintenance on our data lines or servers
  • During unscheduled maintenance, which may need repair works on the servers.
  • Suspension by the government or a court of law.


We expect you to engage us in good fain incase in case of a dispute regarding service delivery. We are always there to engage you because we value mediation more than litigation. In case of a complete disagreement or mediation is not possible, then the law will come in.

Governing law

The law governs our website, and therefore all decisions here will be guided by the governing law. In case of any disputes or disagreements, Indian law will apply.