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Students pursuing psychology-related courses are often surprised to realize that statistics topics are a major part of their course. For you to be a successful Psychologist, you not only have to be well-versed in statistics but also pass statistics classes (experimental design or research methods.

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Why is statistics important in psychology?

From your elementary statistics class, you remember that statistics concepts are used to make sense of data. It covers data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Psychologists are often faced with enormous amounts of data that they need to:

  • Measure how one variable affects other variables
  • Find relationships between variables

It is statistics that can provide answers to the aforementioned factors. A Psychologist can use statistical tools to:

  1. Data Organization

    Analyzing a vast amount of data can be overwhelming when done manually. Statistical tools support the presentation of data in ways that can easily be understood. Visual tools such as graphs, scatter plots, and frequency distributions highlight trends that we might otherwise miss.

  2. Data Description

    Descriptive statistics summarize trends and facts in a great deal of information. You must be familiar with various descriptive coefficients like measures of spread and measures of central tendency.

  3. Making inferences

    Inferential statistics is applied in Psychology to infer things about a particular sample or population. The data that has been collected can be used to test a hypothesis. It is the result that will tell the researcher whether to accept or reject the hypothesis.

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We cover all psychology statistics topics

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  • Hypothesis Testing

    Hypothesis testing is used to develop and modify theories in psychology. It creates predictions that can be tested. Research that fails to support the hypothesis suggests that the theory should be changed in some way. For example, a psychologist may want to find out if there is a relationship between sleep deprivation and homework performance. The hypothesis may state that: "This study is meant to assess if sleep-deprived students perform worse in their homework than students who are not sleep-deprived. The steps of performing a hypothesis test are:

    1. Formulation of a question
    2. Background study
    3. Forming a hypothesis
    4. Experiment design
    5. Data collection
    6. Results analysis
    7. Making conclusions
    8. Results presentation

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  • Normal distribution

    Normal distribution or Gaussian distribution is a method in probability distribution. It shows that data that is near the mean occurs more frequently than data that is far from the mean. A normal distribution usually appears as a bell curve in a graph.

The other topics that our experts specialize in are:
Central tendencyCorrelation and predictionT-tests
Simple factorial designsF-testExperimental research

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