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Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is used to guide and inform you on how we collect, store, distribute and use your personal information. This privacy policy applies only to statistics homework help. Go through it carefully to familiarize yourself with the policy.

Privacy policy


We are happy that you have shown interest in seeking our service. We give a high priority to data protection. This privacy policy sets out policies and procedures regarding collecting, using, and disclosing personal information that we receive from you. By using this website, you agree to be guided and bound by this privacy policy. If you accept this privacy policy, you agree that we collect, use and disclose your information in accordance with the policy. If you disagree with the provisions of the privacy policy, seek clarification from our team. Note that if you are in total disagreement with our privacy policy, you are requested not to access this website or the services provided here. Statistics homework help is committed to protecting your personal information at all times.

Definitions of key related terms

Personal dataPersonal data means information relating to a person. Personal data is information such as name, location, number, email, and other information that someone can associate themselves with.
Third partyA third party is a public authority, legal person, and processor authorized to process personal data.
ConsentConsent is giving authority for the use of personal or identifiable information.
Restriction of access                      Restricting access is the process of controlling the number of people who can access specific information.
ProfilingProfiling is the automated processing of personal information consisting of personal data that is not attributed to specific subject.

Client information

We only require information from you when you want to hire us for service delivery. We ask for very specific information from you, such as your full names, email addresses, submission data, and the details you want regarding your homework. The information we ask for is used for internal purposes only. We never ask for pins and passwords at any point. The information we ask from you is used for internal purposes only. We understand how important personal data is and how demanded it is in the current world. We have, therefore, put in place a proper infrastructure to protect your personal information.

Use of the information we collect from you.

The information collected from you is used for three primary purposes;

  • To get in touch with you. We use the information we collect from you to contact you regarding your order
  • We use it for statistical purposes. We use the information we collect from you to check our business model.
  • We use the information we collect to notify you of additional services offered on our website.

When we may share your personal information with third parties

We try as much as possible to ensure that your information is not shared with a third party. There are, however, circumstances when we may be forced to share your information with third parties. These circumstances include:

  • When your information is required by a law enforcement agency or government institution, you must note that this is a circumstance beyond our control. We do not have the power to stop such institutions from obtaining our information.
  • In case of a data breach, we may be forced to share your information with a third party in an attempt to secure your personal data. We have credible security providers.
  • We may also share your information when updating our website to ensure better service delivery. In such a case, the service provider is always under clear instructions and monitoring.


You need to note that this website uses cookies. There is a lot of negative perspective regarding cookies. It’s important to note that cookies do not collect personal information from you. Cookies are used to ensure that you offer quality service. Cookies do not share your information with third parties. We use cookies to know your favorite services on our website. However, you should note that you can choose to accept our cookies or not. Note that cookies are optional, and choosing to accept them will not affect our service delivery. However, choosing not to accept our cookies will make us not know your favorite places to visit on our website. Additionally, note that you can delete already accepted cookies through internet browsers.


If you are regarded as a minor in your country, you are expected to seek the guidance of your parent or guardian before using our service. Parents need to provide a verified consent for their children to collect, disclose or use the information on this website. By allowing your child to use our service, you must know that they will be subjected to our terms and conditions and the privacy policy of this website.

Updating of our privacy policy

We review this privacy policy from time to time. We review this privacy policy from time to time to give you a better experience. You must note that we do not issue notices when reviewing or updating our privacy policy. We expect all visitors of this website from time to time to familiarize themselves with any changes that may have come up. Note that we have not put any restrictions on the number of times you can visit this page. Visit as many times as possible to ensure that you know every detail about our service.

Third-party website links

 Please note that you may find other website links that do not belong to us here. If you find a burner that does not belong to our website, please do not click on it because you will be redirected to that website. You should note that each website has different privacy policies. You are therefore advised to read their privacy policies before opting to use their services. We will not be held accountable for data breach that occurs from you using different websites. We, however, try as much as possible to ensure that our website does not have third-party website links.